shows to binge when you feel like shit

Parks and Recreation This show is so awkwardly but lovingly funny. Love the work life, love how everyone just tries. Everyone (except Leslie Knope) tries not to care... but they always end up helping each other out and that's what makes it work. Community I swear everyone on this show is such a mess. And it is... Continue Reading →


who i am

labels. a few years ago i would be saying -bloody hell i hate labels! i dont want to be put in a box. i dont want you to lump me in with things i only half-heartedly agree with. but three years is a long time and life... ahh, life just has a way of turning... Continue Reading →

Reading List 1

Ive loved reading ever since I can remember. It wasnt until the last 5 or so years that I realised I was aching to read books that had diverse characters. Characters that were like me and faced similar struggles that I did. And I love that I also discovered books I didnt realise I needed... Continue Reading →


I like writing. Im not good at it so much, but Ive found that there's no reason why you shouldnt do what you like. Even if youre the only one that will read it. Even if you dont even like what you write in the end. Actually, there's lots of reasons NOT to do things... Continue Reading →

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