Taking the L in Physio Private Practise: A Journey of Lessons and Losses at One Year

Ive been meaning to reflect on my journey as a physio in private practise for a while. It's been so damn hectic yo but I passed my one year mark and am in the almost-middle of my second year. Yep, still a baby but it's been a heck of a ride since leaving uni. Ive... Continue Reading →


thoughts on pain and perceptions

the human body is amazing right! it is capable of so much and so much more! i keep thinking about how self-regulating our body is... like how amazing is it that our body's will heal itself and repair itself when it gets hurt and injured! our body's are amazing. a few years ago i learned... Continue Reading →


I have to unplug soon. Yesterday I found myself standing inside a retirement village that stands next to a forest. Holy crap I forgot what silence sounds like. That there is such a thing as peace. I live right next to a main road and I drive an hour and a half a day to... Continue Reading →

who i am

labels. a few years ago i would be saying -bloody hell i hate labels! i dont want to be put in a box. i dont want you to lump me in with things i only half-heartedly agree with. but three years is a long time and life... ahh, life just has a way of turning... Continue Reading →

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