work emails

There's a right and wrong way to read emails. Trust me. I read emails now the same way I read texts and messages. The same way I try to approach life now haha. With an open mind. I wasnt always like this. Because if you feel like shit. If you feel in the wrong. Or... Continue Reading →


I have to unplug soon. Yesterday I found myself standing inside a retirement village that stands next to a forest. Holy crap I forgot what silence sounds like. That there is such a thing as peace. I live right next to a main road and I drive an hour and a half a day to... Continue Reading →

fly on the wall: stress

this is what i know about stress through observation and life. -if you have pain, and you are stressed: Your pain will increase -if you have a headache, and you are stressed: Your headache will increase -if work stresses you out that you wait til the last minute to always get ready: You will be... Continue Reading →

fly on the wall: existential crisis

I honestly struggle with life sometimes. I know we all do, and I know we all have existential crises. I'm at that age where I keep pondering the meaning of life... I know! How bloody annoying! I keep wondering, am I doing enough? Is this why I am here on earth? Am I just wasting... Continue Reading →

quote of the week

the theme in my life recently insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results -Albert Einstein this quote has helped me in my professional life and personal life for a while. you need to know when to stop and change directions, stop and make a u-turn or just freaking... Continue Reading →

those who wander are not lost

I have a patient that keeps nagging me to go travelling around Australia... It's not that I dont want to... I really really want to.. it's just that I am always waiting. Waiting for more money. Waiting for more time. Waiting for more friends or family to be around to go with me. Waiting to... Continue Reading →

shows to binge when you feel like shit

Parks and Recreation This show is so awkwardly but lovingly funny. Love the work life, love how everyone just tries.¬†Everyone (except Leslie Knope) tries not to care... but they always end up helping each other out and that's what makes it work. Community I swear everyone on this show is such a mess.¬†And it is... Continue Reading →

who i am

  labels. a few years ago i would be saying -bloody hell i hate labels! i dont want to be put in a box. i dont want you to lump me in with things i only half-heartedly agree with. but three years is a long time and life... ahh, life just has a way of... Continue Reading →

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