work emails

There’s a right and wrong way to read emails. Trust me.

I read emails now the same way I read texts and messages. The same way I try to approach life now haha.

With an open mind.

I wasnt always like this.

Because if you feel like shit. If you feel in the wrong. Or stressed. Or even hangry. You will probably read the email with your own voice. And take things waaaaaay too seriously.

Now have a read of this short email.

Dear marion,

I appreciate that you took time to send the books. Please let me know next time if you need me to call ahead before you send.



Now. If youre in a fairly good mood and you dont have self esteem issues, youll probably just say cool thanks.

But if youre angry, annoyed, hungry or stressed about something totally not even related… you might read the email like this:

Dear marion, (The disrespect. So now my name is not good enough to be Uppercased)

I appreciate that you took the time to send the books. (WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? is he saying im not doing my job? That fucking asshole!!!!) Please let me know next time to call ahead before you send the books (WHY WOULD HE SAY IT LIKE THIS… isnt that what he wanted? FFS)

Regards, (Not even a KIND regards! What is this guys issue?)
Ali. (Why did he put a fullstop here. Is he mad at me? Is he gonna complain to my boss about me? Oh shit Im gonna get fired…)

And this is why I hate work emails.

Ive learned to stop reading everything in my own voice. I have the worst anxiety and I have a bad habit of jumping the gun unfairly haha Im better now it’s okay i swear

But Ive learned to stop jumping on that emotional rollercoaster. Stop prejudging things. People will tell you what they need to tell you and if they dont or wont that’s on them not you. Im tired of living my life like those terrible movies… you know the ones where everything goes wrong because someone wasnt being honest. And someone was too afraid to say how they actually feel. Where youre just like *Just tell them it’s not that serious* and then they dont and everything goes to shit.

Being open, honest and patient is the best thing to be and a key to living freely.

Thanks for reading xo


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