fly on the wall: stress

this is what i know about stress through observation and life.

-if you have pain, and you are stressed: Your pain will increase

-if you have a headache, and you are stressed: Your headache will increase

-if work stresses you out that you wait til the last minute to always get ready: You will be late and even more stressed

-if you have stress: Your heart rate goes up

-if you have stress: your muscles of your back and jaw tighten up

-too much stress= bad

-a little bit of stress= good and healthy

-exercising= reduces stress

-doing things you love= reduce stress

-delegating tasks= reduce stress

-talking to someone and asking for help= reduce stress

-talking to someone who stresses you out= increase stress

-having backup positive affirmations or positive mental imagery or having a safe space to go to if stressful times = reduce stress


thanks for reading xo


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