quote of the week

the theme in my life recently

insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

-Albert Einstein

this quote has helped me in my professional life and personal life for a while.

you need to know when to stop and change directions, stop and make a u-turn or just freaking stop and ask for some directions.

my advice professionally… if you need to go to your physio or chiropractor or acupuncturist or whatever 2 or more times a week for 3+months you might as well just get married cause you paying their rent. it aint working. and the results aint gonna last.

personally… it’s hard to leave the path youre on. especially if it’s always worked in the past. or it’s the only thing youve known. or because your favourite person in the world led you here and you respect and love them too much to leave. or youre too proud to change. or you cannot accept that you were wrong because of whatever damned reason you can think up.

we get so stupid when our pride gets in the way.

my biggest lesson i am still and will probably always be trying to learn is- to let things go. i will honestly make the same mistake three times before my dumb ass actually learns the lesson. and ive had to learn them the hard way (which tbh i made harder)

just stop. seriously. stop trying to force things to happen. you just have to let things be and if it doesnt go that way you have to accept it and either change your route or get some help.

we’re humans, we’re always doing things wrong.

whatever. dont kill yourself being unhappy when you can just be content and not have heart palpitations.

side eyeing myself right now.

which is why one of my biggest affirmations have always been

let go or be dragged

-zen proverb

thanks for reading xo


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