those who wander are not lost

I have a patient that keeps nagging me to go travelling around Australia… It’s not that I dont want to… I really really want to.. it’s just that I am always waiting. Waiting for more money. Waiting for more time. Waiting for more friends or family to be around to go with me. Waiting to get my car serviced. Waiting to finish cleaning. Waiting for this movie to go to first. Too tired. etc etc. And also, I always wanted to travel overseas but Ive never been around much of Australia so why not start there? (Besides snakes and lizards and crocs and spiders and snakes, did I mention snakes)

The waiting never ends.

But as they say,

If we wait for tomorrow, we’ll be waiting forever

So I decided, to try different areas around my region. And hell, it’s been so much fun.

So now Ive been around Toowoomba aka the Garden City, so damned pretty to look at! and down the Coast to Surfers Paradise (and a bit further down to Tweed Heads)




Not only that… just trying new places around town has been great. Visiting the local museums and art galleries… botanical gardens… mountain/hill climbing or whatchamallit… new restaurants or markets (Eat Streets in Hamilton is PHEW! So bloated you walk in like Tyra and walk out like Winnie the Pooh no shade haha!!)

I can honestly say this has done wonders for my mood and life. I know Im blessed to have the privilege to be able to do this type of shit. But it is totally worth it and why not make the most of it. One of these days Im gonna road trip from Brisbane to Sydney to Newcastle with stops along the way! So excited!

I honestly love when my patients inspire me!

thanks for reading!


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