shows to binge when you feel like shit

Parks and Recreation

This show is so awkwardly but lovingly funny. Love the work life, love how everyone just tries. Everyone (except Leslie Knope) tries not to care… but they always end up helping each other out and that’s what makes it work.



I swear everyone on this show is such a mess. And it is realistically far fetched.. but life can be like that sometimes.


Bob’s Burgers

I frigging love this show. It came at the beginning of my grief 3 years ago and has never failed to make me happy. The Belchers all have their own quirks but they all love and accept each other as they are, my extended family.


Doctor Who

Except for all the crying and gnashing of teeth, this show truly makes my life better. I honestly believe I m a better person because of this show. Im about to cry just thinking about it…


Honourable mention: Gravity Falls. I know it’s supposedly a kids show but honestly it is so heartwarming and I just love it!


There are so many shows but these are the ones I always go back to when I need a non-contact hug haha.

Hope it helps someone x


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