liking things is cool. repeat x2

i know i know.

i used to be like that too. id hate everything “new” and “cool”.

but ive known too much sadness and anxiety in my life in the past few years and ive come out on the other side. ive been saved yo!

so im here to tell you, it’s actually okay to like (and participate) in that hashtag. you can do that song and dance. use that snapchat filter. wear those damned crocs you love so much.

have fun yo

enjoy what you wanna enjoy and dont feel bad about it

stop telling people off for liking things that are popular and mainstream

i know youre angry right now but happiness is fleeting (and so is your anger btw), let me feel something other than sad and empty for 5 minutes man

i feel like that girl from mean girls. you know the one girl… the one that doesnt even go here haha

but truly.

i like things that make people happy.

thanks for reading xx


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