Things They Don’t Teach You At School

I am now a full functioning adult… apparently. But there are so many damned things I dont know how to do or even understand at all. I wish they had taught this at school or even at university. I sometimes wonder if they did but I wasnt paying attention haha…

So here’ just a list of things that I have found myself looking up or trying to understand more of as I get older:

  • Regarding Finances
    • Taxes.
    • GST?
    • What is interest I dont understand!?
    • Taking out a loan etc
    • Becoming a sole trader and starting a buisness…
  • How to sell yourself…
    • Actually how a business works and how tosucceed
    • ins and outs of marketing
  • Politics
    • …yep
    • voting
    • how do the parties work etc and how can i help with change
  • Basic Law… stuff
    • What my basic rights are when it comes to the police etc or going to court
  • Dealing with Empathy Fatigue when you work in the Health industry
  • That it’s okay to suck at things
  • Not knowing the answer is Normal
  • Jesus is a cool guy but some of his followers are… the worst
  • Everything you learn at Uni is right at that time (I cannot tell you how much stress this has caused me in my professional life though)
  • Capitalism is real but also we are humans who deserve compassion no matter what we do for a living and everything you get in life is because you got Lucky in the Lotto of Life
  • Anonymous people online are cruel and it is scary that they are like this because they have no accountability
  • Education is not free
  • you can get away with anything if you are rich and that other thing
  • this post just made me sad
  • sometimes you eat because you are sad
  • and then sometimes you get fat (which is not wrong)
  • and then society shames you for being fat
  • so then you starve yourself and deprive yourself and beat yourself to fit the mold
  • then you realise people are only nice to you and society treats you better when you are skinny
  • and the realisation that what you are is more important than who you are
  • Having to unlearn all the stuff we socialised like rape culture, homophobia, transphobia, fat shaming, masculinity, the list just goes on and on and on and on and on and on
  • remembering we were once that ignorant piece of shit once (and forever really lol) and that we HAVE to allow people space to learn and grow just as we do and did constantly
  • stop asking minorities invasive and rude questions
  • it’s okay to start taking naps at 4 in the afternoon if life gets you down
  • school of rock is an amazing movie

Here have a picture of this cutie dressed as Prince, so cute




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