I like writing. Im not good at it so much, but Ive found that there’s no reason why you shouldnt do what you like. Even if youre the only one that will read it. Even if you dont even like what you write in the end.

Actually, there’s lots of reasons NOT to do things you like or aspire towards. But what’s so great about NOT doing it? Im only 26 and I feel the weight of my shortcomings. Theyre not even big ones but there’s so many small ones it makes one big fricking huge one so there’s that.


Ive always had this struggle (Like so many people I suppose)… that I am more of a dreamer than a doer. I have so many ambitions and dreams that I dream up at the most inconvenient times (9/10 times when I am procrastinating let’s be honest here) and then when the time comes to step up, I sit down and switch Netflix on.


This is my first post on here.

Ive always wanted to blog about everything and nothing. I mean, we all want to be heard dont we? And there’s a narcissistic side of me that thinks the World will be better with my 2cents. Which is true and false. True for me and probably false for you haha.

Anyways, I will probably just ramble on about feelings, eating, things from my physiotherapy life, my daily struggles as a chubby and reserved Brown girl and touch on how my journey through 2017 is going.

My boss sometimes says to me, “Put your big girl pants on now” and so that is what I am doing. Or hoping to do. Although a small part of me wonders why I just cant keep my own pants on and try and get it done that way… huh.. never mind.

Here’s to 2017!

Thanks for dealing x


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