I like writing. Im not good at it so much, but Ive found that there's no reason why you shouldnt do what you like. Even if youre the only one that will read it. Even if you dont even like what you write in the end. Actually, there's lots of reasons NOT to do things... Continue Reading →

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it’s here again it just wont let me go the only way to keep sane is to keep busy so i walk and try to find a piece of myself in the wind in the trees in the sunlight i dont want to be around noise i just need to keep busy but then i... Continue Reading →

On Samoa, on Culture

i think of you often and wonder if you still think of me you bore my parents and instilled in them traditions and values that i try and uphold but most days we travel in parallel lines most days i watch you pass by me most days we forget the other exists and sometimes im... Continue Reading →

The Unbearable Weight of Staying

the unbearable weight of staying the title of one of warsan shire's beautiful poetry but a sentence i have been thinking about for a while now leaving is easy no responsibilities, no drama, no emotional drainage i think about church and all the people who come and go i used to love going to hillsong-... Continue Reading →

thoughts on pain and perceptions

the human body is amazing right! it is capable of so much and so much more! i keep thinking about how self-regulating our body is... like how amazing is it that our body's will heal itself and repair itself when it gets hurt and injured! our body's are amazing. a few years ago i learned... Continue Reading →

my booklist

So many books to read, so little time, so little money. Below is my We Need Diverse Books booklist, written by or with people of colour, lgbtq people and people with disabilities. These are all different genres but I mostly enjoy fantasy, coming-of-age books, young adult, mystery, historical fictions, myths and legends retellings, crime stories with... Continue Reading →


I have to unplug soon. Yesterday I found myself standing inside a retirement village that stands next to a forest. Holy crap I forgot what silence sounds like. That there is such a thing as peace. I live right next to a main road and I drive an hour and a half a day to... Continue Reading →

fly on the wall: stress

this is what i know about stress through observation and life. -if you have pain, and you are stressed: Your pain will increase -if you have a headache, and you are stressed: Your headache will increase -if work stresses you out that you wait til the last minute to always get ready: You will be... Continue Reading →

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